Thursday, 9 July 2015

S T Y L E | the white shirt

Oversized white shirt inspo
source | pinterest
the essential of all essentials...the white shirt
a staple piece that should belong to every woman (and man's) wardrobe. the possibilities are endless..oversized, suited, loose, fitted, half tucked in. whatever your style desires.
I will be incorporating my style inspo and how I have made it my own on the blog. Over the years I have learnt that less is more and even when there is that urge to go for that impulse buy, its not always the best thing to do. Executing the importance of building your wardrobe with the staples allows for an easier palette to work with and ultimately doesn't break the bank.
I know I have been away (again) for some time but I'm back on my feet after tackling the stressful battle of moving house and just life in general getting in the way.

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